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MCL Companies

Tracy R. Riggan

Vice President of Construction

It has been a pleasure working with you and your firm over the years, and I guess since I am approaching nine years with MCL Companies now, it’s been about that long. We’ve come to an understanding after that amount of time, and seem to know what to expect from each other:

  1. MCL Companies strives to separate ourselves from the competition by offering better product that stands up for the life of our residential units. Contract Mirror has been an essential part of that program.
  2. No matter how good the product is though, it still comes down to the installers in the field and you know I won’t accept anything less than the best installers with high quality standards. Your people tend to show the same distain for punch list items, as I do…they simply don’t want to see them, so they install properly from the start.
  3. Not only does a product have to pass our inspections, but it has to stand the test of time under the new homeowners use. That’s where a solid customer service warranty program comes in. In the odd instance when something had to be looked at and field investigated, your team has been prompt about making and keeping on-site appointments. This does not go un-noticed, for we all look bad in the homeowner’s eyes if even one of us fail to show and remediate the problem.
  4. Lastly, business always comes down to the individuals behind the corporate logo. I count you as a friend Neil, and when you say you’ll have your guys there first thing in the morning, I don’t doubt that you will.

I am looking forward to a continually successful relationship with your company.

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Contract Mirror & Supply Co. Swoosh