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Caring For Your Shower Doors

When properly maintained, your CMS glass enclosure will provide you many years of trouble free service. Below are a few helpful tips to properly care for your enclosure.

  • Squeegee the glass after every shower. This will minimize water spotting and make cleaning the glass easier. CMS recommends HydroShield protective glass coating or Showerguard Glass on all its enclosures.
  • With a clean, soft damp cloth or sponge and a mild detergent, clean the glas and aluminum on a weekly basis. Make sure to rinse it off completely.
  • Never use the following to clean your shower enclosure:

    • Vinegar or vinegar-based cleaners
    • Abrasive powders
    • Steel or Teflon® pads
    • Dirty or gritty rags
  • Always use a soft, clean rag or sponge.

The Bath Enclosure Manufactures Association (BEMA) recommends the use of Lysol Bathroom Cleaner for glass and metal enclosures. Through independent testing sponsored by BEMA, Lysol Bathroom Cleaner earned the best overall rating for both gentleness and effectiveness. See the complete results of BEMA’s latest testing which was completed in April 2006.

CMS only uses tempered safety glass (heat strengthened) in all its enclosures as mandated by federal law. While much stronger than regular glass, it is still breakable. In the event it does break, it will break into many small pieces to minimize damage that could occur with non tempered glass. Here's a few tips on how to handle the glass if you should need to:

  • Never lift the glass by any towel bar or pulls especially when mounted through the glass. This may weaken the glass and cause it to break immediately or in the future
  • Always lift the glass by holding the glass itself
  • Never let the edge or corner of the glass touch a hard surface such as tile or concrete
  • Always place a cushion such as a towel between the glass and any hard surface whether underneath or against a wall
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